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Renaissance DeEsser

Modern de-esser with extensive visual feedback
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A New Solution to a Persistent Problem


De-essing is an essential process when recording vocals, voiceover, audiobooks, and podcasts. Excessive high frequencies caused by “ess” and “shh” sounds can cause distortion, splattering, and make equalization more difficult. Renaissance DeEsser solves these problems—and more.

Renaissance DeEsser delivers transparent, artifact-free de-essing that focuses on reducing ess sounds with laser-like precision.

  • Phase-compensated crossover minimizes coloration
  • Precision filtering reduces impact on frequencies adjacent to esses
  • Display shows filter type, range, frequency, and real-time de-essing
  • Monitor the sidechain for precise tuning to the ess frequency
  • Choose strong or gentle de-essing, using wideband or split modes
  • Select light or dark skins, or space-saving legacy skin
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Excise those Excessive Esses

  • Digital Transparency

    Unlike de-essers based on analog circuitry, the Renaissance DeEsser’s phase-compensated crossover minimizes phase shifts and artifacts. Removing sources of potential coloration is vital to the most transparent ess control.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Maximal Metering

    See the amount of real-time de-essing that’s occurring—as well as the overall range, the specific frequency, filter type, and range of frequencies being covered. The visual feedback makes tweaks super-easy.

  • Not Just Vocals!

    De-essing can trim harshness from processors like amp sims, and even full mixes. Choose whether Renaissance DeEsser prioritizes precision for maximum focused rejection, or uses a smoother, wider-band option.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation