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Renaissance Compressor

Classic, multi-application compressor and expander
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The Gold Standard for Modern Compressors


The Renaissance Compressor revives the warmth that made vintage analog compressors great—with the transparency and additional features made possible only with modern software designs.

As the gold standard for modern compressors, R-Comp brings clarity and definition, with the added versatility of classic opto or modern “electro” attack/release times.

  • Choose from warm or smooth character
  • Auto-release provides silky gain reduction, even when pushed
  • Flexibility to handle all common compressor scenarios
  • Compression and upward expansion, both with soft knee
  • Parameters control “feel” as well as performance
  • Ultramaximizer-based limiter catches peaks
  • Three skins customize the compressor’s look
  • Informative metering includes a limiting indicator
Watch It in Action

Dynamics Made Easier

  • Choose Your Character

    Maybe you like a smooth, “optical” character for vocals and bass. Or maybe you prefer the modern VCA sound for tighter, faster compression. Renaissance Compressor offers you the best of both characters.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Compress Down—or Expand Up

    Emphasize the snap of percussion, accent acoustic guitar strums, or make attacks more prominent—to give the excitement of upward expansion, Renaissance Compressor can set compression ratios lower than 1:1.

  • Presets to Kick Start Your Projects

    Explore dozens of presets from world-class producers and engineers including Michael Brauer (Coldplay), Greg Wells (Dua Lipa), Lu Diaz (Jay Z), and Dave Pensado (Justin Timberlake), and more.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation