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Renaissance Channel

Channel strip with dynamics, 4-band EQ and sidechain
Image for Renaissance Channel

The Renaissance Collection’s Greatest Hits in One Plugin


The Renaissance plugin collection has always been acclaimed for hitting the sweet spot of superior functionality with an effortless interface. Now, the Renaissance Channel brings together compression, expansion, gating, sidechaining, and four bands of EQ into one convenient plugin.

Save a Renaissance Channel preset, and all your optimized processor settings are only a click away. Renaissance Channel combines flexible processing, superb workflow, and superior sound quality.

  • Switch between R-Comp and R-Vox voice-optimized compression
  • The Expander can also serve as a Gate
  • The Compressor and Expander/ Gate have separate sidechains
  • 4-band EQ features multiple response curves
  • Rotation supplements console panning with image control
  • Display with switchable background spectrum analyzer
Watch It in Action

The Exquisite Sound of Renaissance Compression and EQ in a Single Channel Strip

  • Complete Compression: Two Compressors in One

    Choose between R-Comp mode, which also does upward expansion, and R-Vox compression mode optimized for vocals. You get two compressors in one—complete with sidechaining.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Essential Equalization

    Renaissance Channel has the flexibility to tweak tone quickly and easily. All 4 bands offer a bell response, and a high or low-resonance shelf. The low and high bands also include high-pass and low-pass filters, respectively.

  • Extra Expansion and Gating

    The expansion does traditional expansion for tasks like tightening drums or pushing noise downward, but also offers a Gate mode—which can take full advantage of the Expander’s sidechaining option.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Full-On Flexibility

    See how EQ affects your audio with the spectrum analyzer, switch the order of EQ and dynamics, rotate the stereo image within the stereo field, flip the phase, enjoy the security of a clip guard limiter, and choose from 3 skins.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”