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Renaissance Axx

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Engineered for guitars and bass, R-Axx is an all-in-one dynamics processor that delivers mix-ready results in seconds.

As a musician, producer or mixer, sometimes you just need inspiring results that sound good, without wasting time turning knobs. With its modern, easy-to-use interface, Renaissance Axx (R-Axx) is the most efficient route to achieving dynamic guitar, bass and synth parts that sound like they really belong on a record.

R-Axx’s dynamic curves are carefully designed to ride your guitar transients, in order to increase or tame your attack, emphasize your strings, etc.

Integrating 3 easy-to-use controls for threshold, attack and output gain, R-Axx features a fixed ratio, auto-release and output limiter. R-Axx allows you to quickly achieve vibey guitar and bass tones, without worrying about technical details.
  • The favored guitar compression plugin among top engineers
  • 3 streamlined controls: threshold, attack, output gain
  • Compressor with a fixed ratio, auto-release and output limiter
  • Engineered for guitar and bass parts
  • Also great for synth compression
  • NEW: Presets by leading producers & engineers: Dave Pensado, Michael Brauer, more
  • NEW: Updated interface with 3 skin options: Light, Dark, Legacy