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Q10 Equalizer

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Multiband paragraphic EQ with 10 bands of precision equalization for mixing and mastering – a go-to tool for both surgical repair and gentle coloring.

Waves 25th Anniversary edition: You can now choose between the classic Legacy and the new Modern user interfaces. Both offer new plugin features, including:
  • Proportional Q filters: Keeps Q value proportional to gain.
  • Selectable band control: Allows you to focus in more detail on the selected band’s controls.
  • Double Precision control: Lets you choose between 32-bit and double-precision 64-bit processing.

With its ten bands, Q10 offers unparalleled equalization options. Each band offers six different filter types and complete control of gain, frequency and Q. And unlike most multiband equalizers, each Q10 band can use any filter type, so there is immense flexibility when shaping a signal.

Q10 offers extremely large Q values and large boosts and cuts, so you can fix and focus sounds that a conventional EQ could not touch. Q10 is configurable either as two independent mono equalizers or as a precisely ganged stereo equalizer.
  • 10-band equalizer for mixing and mastering
  • Ideal for both surgical repair and gentle coloring
  • Six filter types per band
  • Advanced noise shaping for optimum fidelity
  • 25th Anniversary edition includes Legacy and Modern interfaces
  • NEW 25th Anniversary features: Proportional Q filters, selectable band control, double precision processing