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PS22 Stereo Maker

Convert mono to stereo, or widen the stereo image
Image for PS22 Stereo Maker

Advanced Stereo Synthesis and Imaging Toolbox


Breathe new life into mono sources like guitar, electric piano, analog synthesizers, and mono LPs—without the artificial, “phasey” sound of the past. The PS22’s proprietary process gives vintage mono effects a rich stereo image, just as easily as it can supersize a stereo image’s width.

Or, do the reverse and selectively narrow stereo tracks for vinyl mastering—even automate parameters for sound design. No other stereo synthesis tool offers so many creative options.

  • Collapses back to mono without “phasey” artifacts
  • Convert mono sources to rich stereo
  • Give a modern stereo image to older, mono hardware effects
  • Enhance and intensify mono musical instruments and voice
  • Narrow selected frequency ranges if stereo audio is overly wide
  • Spread mono or stereo gently, or split for dramatic separation
  • For more headroom, make waveform peaks more symmetrical
  • Obtain creative frequency-shifting effects with DAW automation