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Playlist Rider

Auto-adjusts consistent levels for multiple audio sources in real time
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Here’s that Assistant Engineer You Always Wanted


It’s such a hassle to balance levels of all the audio feeds involved in broadcasts, podcasts, panel discussions, theater groups, pre-show music and so on. Playlist Rider makes your life easier. Set the mixer input levels, load the master bus with Playlist Rider, and let it ride the output to your target level.

There’s even an option to match the tonal character of the various feeds, which adds the kind of professional touch that makes content stand out. Fast and easy to use, Playlist Rider is essential.

  • Match the audio output to three target levels (-24, -18, -14 LKFS)
  • Rides the output level dynamically and accurately
  • Variable threshold preserves a natural, uncompressed sound
  • Detector can exclude low-level sections, like fades
  • Choose fast or slow attack times for dynamics control
  • Optional tone shaper smooths out tonal differences
  • Ideal with Waves eMotion LV1 and SuperRack plugin host
  • Real-time operation, and multipoint touch-compatible
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