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OneKnob Pumper

Create instant pumping/ducking effects without having to sidechain
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Perfect Pumping. Zero Setup Time.


Pumping music in time with the beat is an essential EDM technique, but setting it up is complicated and cumbersome—or at least it was. OneKnob Pumper delivers that hypnotic, ducking effect, in a simple, versatile plugin. Choose your rhythm, turn a knob, and start pumping.

But OneKnob Pumper doesn’t have to be turned up all the way. For any musical genre, use it subtly to add a fresh, rhythmic pulse to pads, bass, keyboards, effects buses, drums, and more.

  • 10 different pumping/ducking rhythms, from 1/32 notes to bars
  • Classic EDM effect pumps tracks or mixes in time with the music
  • No sidechaining needed: OneKnob Pumper creates ducking instantly
  • 3 rhythmic timing offsets for counter-rhythms
  • Add insanely cool rhythmic intensity to guitar power chords
  • Dial in subtly to add motion and emotion to the beat
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