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OneKnob Pressure

Squash your tracks, or compress lightly—with a single knob
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One Knob = 10 Compressors, Simplified


Tweaking compressors can be frustrating: change one knob, then change another one, and then go back and re-tweak… OneKnob Pressure smashes that creativity speed bump. The 10 optimized compressor settings cover everything from light parallel compression to hardcore squashing.

Whether you need a gentle lift on a stereo bus, smoother vocal dynamics, shiny acoustic guitar, or pulverized drums, it’s simple—turn the knob, choose the sound you like, and click record. Done.

  • Go from subtle to aggressively squashed
  • Switch 10 compressor settings with the turn of a knob
  • Even out vocal dynamics for more intelligibility
  • Make instruments like acoustic guitar and piano “pop” in a mix
  • Add processing while tracking, without stopping the creative flow
  • Input pad/unity/boost button optimizes the input level
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