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OneKnob Phatter

Boost the low end and add weight to thin tracks
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Add Body-Slamming Bass Fatness to Your Tracks


Sometimes you need to shake the dance floor, and do a serious earthquake emulation…but sometimes you just need more warmth and depth on vocals. OneKnob Phatter creates an intelligent low-end boost—the more your turn it up, the more it tilts the response to the low end.

Whether your bass needs more space, your kick needs more “thick,” or your mix needs a fix, OneKnob Phatter is the one-stop answer to giving your low end the depth and authority it deserves.

  • Reaches all the way down into the sub-bass range
  • Low-end treatment tilts the bass response instead of just boosting
  • Adds warmth and power when dialed to subtle settings
  • Turn up all the way for body-slamming dancefloor bass
  • Accents the natural body in acoustic guitar and piano
  • Gives a ribbon mic sound to dynamic and condenser mics
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