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OneKnob Louder

Give tracks, buses, and mixes more power and impact
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Pump Up the Volume—and Make Mixes Pop


Your mix sounds fine, but doesn’t “pop” in a playlist the same way as commercial recordings. Problem solved: OneKnob Louder brings up the level with peak limiting, low-level compression, and automatic makeup gain to give the results you want in seconds—without destroying dynamics.

But OneKnob Louder isn’t only about mixes. Make vocal levels stronger and more consistent, increase guitar sustain, turn drums into monsters, enhance effects buses, and more… with just one knob.

  • Minimizes unwanted level variations for individual tracks
  • Ideal for songwriters who need to dial in powerful sounds quickly
  • Musician-friendly—distills engineering skills into one knob
  • Open-sounding, natural dynamics without harshness
  • Strengthen the impact of effects by adding OneKnob Louder to buses
  • Easily match loudness levels of commercial recordings
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