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OneKnob Filter

Create smooth filter sweeps on loops, vocals, instruments or complete tracks
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Create the Smoothest Sweeps—Instantly


OneKnob Filter transitions so smoothly from low to high frequencies that it sounds like the analog circuits of vintage synthesizers. From frequencies so low OneKnob Filter mutes the audio, to frequencies so high it passes the full audio frequency range, this is the essence of silky filtering.

Perfect in the studio for altering instrumental and vocal tone, OneKnob Filter is also an ideal live DJ tool—automate the knob for classy wah effects, or build dynamics live for the club.

  • Resonance button steps through 4 settings, from none to extreme
  • 12 dB/octave low-pass filter with silky-smooth sound
  • Cutoff frequency from below 20 Hz to above 20 kHz
  • Sweep the filter frequency without quantized “stair-stepping”
  • Fast, easy-setup filter for dance productions and breakdowns
  • The same familiar sound and control as DJ club mixers
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