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OneKnob Brighter

Add instant brightness and clarity to any track
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Lift Your Tracks with Extra Brightness and Air


There’s much going behind that big knob. OneKnob Brighter boosts high-frequencies intelligently, by varying level and frequency to optimize the psychoacoustic brightness effect. Turn up full for air, pull back for shine, or choose lower settings for subtle enhancement.

For more articulated guitars, drums that snap, vocals with air, strings that zing, bass with presence, or shining a bright light on mixes, One Knob Brighter is the fastest, most effective solution.

  • Increase vocal and narration intelligibility
  • Add a bright, clear sound quality to any track, without harshness
  • Fix muddy mixes with an intelligent high-end boost
  • Mix with drum sounds and cymbals that sizzle
  • Speed up workflow with a single-knob solution
  • Bring instruments forward, without raising their levels
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