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Dual-function compression for 5.0/5.1 surround
Image for MV360

Independent Compression for High- and Low-Level Signals in Surround Tracks


Unlike conventional compressors that restrict dynamics only above a particular threshold, the MV360 has two thresholds. The upper threshold works conventionally, but the lower one compresses any audio below the threshold upward, resulting in increased gain.

Not only does this tame peaks, but lower-level signals—like dialog, sound effects, and ambient scores—can be heard properly in audio-for-video projects, or surround concert productions.

  • 5 link modes for 5.1 assign up to 3 sidechains to different channels
  • Automatic makeup gain compensates for gain reduction
  • Separate components for 5.0 or 5.1 projects
  • 4 link modes for 5.0 assign up to 3 sidechains to different channels
  • Based on the Waves compressors used in pro studios world-wide
  • 6 discrete channels of high- and low-level compression
  • Independent cut/boost for 3 linked parameters
  • Dither optimizes quality for high- to low-bit-depth conversions