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MultiMod Rack

Get MultiMod Rack free if you own at least two of these plugins: Abbey Road Saturator, Berzerk, MDMX.

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Spend $120 get 3 free plugins

Step up to next-level distortion with the powerhouse multiband modulation rack for Waves’ latest distortion plugins. Create the wildest palette of modulatable distortion FX and achieve multiband distortion with surgical precision.

When you’re mixing music, you want precision; dialing in the right distortion in the right places. And when you’re producing music, you want a tool that will constantly surprise you, complementing your production ideas with musical responses that re-energize the feel of the track.

MultiMod is built for both.

The World’s Most Versatile Distortion & Saturation Suite

MultiMod Rack is a 3-slot plugin rack that can host Waves’ latest distortion and saturation plugins. Each slot can host the analog warmth of Abbey Road Saturator, the futuristic waveshaper sounds of the Berzerk distortion plugin, and the crunchy old-school tones of the MDMX Screamer, Overdrive and Fuzz modules. The unique combination of diverse distortion colors, all working side by side, makes MultiMod the most versatile distortion and saturation suite in existence.

Achieve Surgical Multiband Distortion Control

MultiMod’s three slots divide your signal into three frequency bands—lows, mids, highs—with adjustable crossover controls. Want the insanity of Berzerk on your lows, the crunchy overdrive of MDMX on your mids, and analog Abbey Road saturation on your highs? Easy. Assign the different plugins to different frequency bands, and separately control the flavor of distortion in each.

Simply reshuffling the chosen plugins between frequency bands will significantly change the sound, for serious tonal diversity. Each band also offers controls for level, stereo panning and harmonics, for pinpoint control of the distortion in each frequency area.

Get Creative with Infinitely Modulatable Distortion

Modulation is the door to creativity and makes everything sound more musical. MultiMod’s 5 powerful modulators allow you to modulate nearly every individual parameter of the Abbey Road Saturator, MDMX and Berzerk plugins, for ultimate creative flexibility. Crazy LFO, sequencer and amplitude modulation options will bring you into sound design territory. And if that isn’t enough, there’s also a post-processing EQ section which can be modulated to no end.
  • 3-slot rack for modulatable multiband distortion
  • Hosts the Abbey Road Saturator, Berzerk & MDMX distortion plugins
  • The world’s most versatile distortion & saturation suite: Analog-modeled saturation to futuristic waveshaper distortion, all in one place
  • Clever, easy-to-use multiband distortion with adjustable crossover points
  • 5 modulators allow you to modulate individual plugin parameters
  • LFO, sequencer and amplitude modulation options
  • Independent level, pan and harmonics controls per slot/band
  • Modulatable 4-band paragraphic EQ
  • Built-in FX: reverb, delay, chorus
  • Hundreds of categorized factory presets to get you started
  • Artist presets by producers/mixers Joe Barresi, Jacquire King, Michael Brauer, Devin Townsend, Juno Reactor & many more