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MultiMod Rack

Multiband rack hosts 3 Waves distortion plugins
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From Solo Performers to Power Trio Group


Three of Waves’ most popular distortion plugins, Abbey Road Saturator, Berzerk, and MDMX, join forces as a power trio in MultiMod. This virtual rack holds 3 instances of any of these plug-ins—or, substitute autopan, chorus, compressor, delay, distortion, or reverb for any of the effects.

With 3-band frequency splitting, EQ, and modulation, MultiMod becomes a distortion powerhouse that can go from adding an intricate multiband edge, to hardcore, over-the-top destruction.

  • 6 additional effects complement the 3 distortion effects
  • Process up to 3 different frequency bands, with variable crossovers
  • 4 modulation sources, switchable between LFO and step sequencer
  • 4 fully parametric EQ stages, with 5 response curves per stage
  • Use the input amplitude as another modulation source
  • Most parameters are eligible for modulation, and have MIDI Learn
  • Go beyond conventional panning with stereo rotation and width
  • Draw LFO shapes and step sequencer patterns
  • 170 wild presets from award-winning artists, 221 factory presets
  • Real-time FFT display for crossover and EQ
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