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Use diverse modulation FX, separately or together
Image for MondoMod

Visit an Alternate Universe of Modulation Effects


Whether you’re a seasoned sound designer or exploring the furthest reaches of what effects can do, MondoMod re-casts the role of tremolo, vibrato, and panning. Spanning the range from sweet to insane, MondoMod ventures where other no other modulation effect has gone before.

From vibrato frequencies so high they can create lo-fi ring mod FX, to rotation-based panning that gives movement beyond stereo placement, MondoMod makes modulation surprising again.

  • Use frequency, amplitude, and rotational panning simultaneously
  • 360-degree rotational panning gives space and motion to sounds
  • Pan audio over any range in the stereo field
  • Modulation rate goes to 6 kHz, for ring modulation and lo-fi effects
  • Turn off FM modulation to add tight delay to processed sound
  • Create subtle chorusing, doubling, and image-widening
Watch It in Action