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Vintage tape flanging, phasing, and chorusing
Image for MetaFlanger

Classic Tape Flanging Effects for Vocals and Beyond


Creating a flanging sound is easy, but creating one that truly captures the sound and feel of tape-reel based, 60s-style flanging is far more difficult. Metaflanger isn’t about producing a flanger sound—it’s about producing the flanger sound, from an extraordinary period in musical history.

It’s all here: psychedelic guitar swirls, ethereal vocals, the sound of flanging an entire mix, crazy special effects, chorusing, doubling, rotating speaker vibes, and much more.

  • Thru-zero flanging re-creates the null points of true tape flanging
  • Obtain “hollow” and “zinging” flanging sounds by flipping phase
  • Delay times from 0 to 50 ms for phasing, flanging, chorusing
  • Stereo spread parameter collapses perfectly to mono
  • High or lowpass filter modes thin or warm the flanged audio
  • Sync to host, or manually (with stop button to freeze the effect)
  • Link option causes depth and modulation to work in tandem
  • 34 presets, including artist presets from Grammy winners