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MDMX Distortion Modules

3 distortions based on classic hardware effects
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Your Toolkit for Classic and Modern Distortion


Distortion isn’t just for guitarists. Although MDMX was inspired by iconic guitar stompboxes, these versatile, virtual versions pack in more features, more options, mid-side processing, dynamic response, and other enhancements that make MDMX universally applicable to all instruments.

Whether you want to inject power into drums, fashion industrial bass sounds, add a tight edge to vocals, grab that satisfying guitar fuzz, or rough up some synth sounds, MDMX is your ticket.

  • 3 classic distortion tones: screamer, overdrive, and fuzz
  • Innovative Temperature control dials in overall warmth and color
  • Layer distortion and dry sounds with parallel processing
  • For real-time control, almost all parameters have MIDI Learn
  • With stereo, process mid or side audio separately
  • Input level control for mid or side, when choosing mid or side mode
  • 112 presets from award-winning artists, and 23 factory presets
  • HD mode oversamples to minimize potential aliasing
Watch It in Action

From Pleasingly Plump, to Freaked-Out Fuzz

  • Smooth Screaming

    SCREAMER nails the midrange lift of the classic scream effect, to deliver the fat, round sound of overdriven tubes for guitar, synths, bass, and vocals. Push it further with Boost—and don’t overlook the Side option with drums.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Optimized Overdrive

    From sharp and edgy to hardcore dirt, OVERDRIVE is all about versatility. Control dynamics with compression, or use automatic gain riding to distort specific levels. Round out the tone with 4-band EQ—and start driving.

  • Aggressive Attitude

    FUZZ specializes in sassy sounds, augmented by octave down and up elements. Like Overdrive, there’s dynamics processing and post-distortion 4-band EQ—but this is the kind of fuzz that grabs a sound, and won’t let go.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation