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Manny Marroquin EQ

6-band EQ with vintage models and modern workflow
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Mix and Match Classic Hardware EQs—with Modern Attitude


10x Grammy winner Manny Marroquin’s secret to creative equalization is to pick specific EQ curves from 6 different go-to vintage equalizers. Now, we’ve combined his “greatest hits” frequency curves from all 6 EQs into one dazzling plugin.

The switch-selected frequencies in vintage EQs were chosen for deliberate musical reasons, so imagine 34 frequency curves hand-picked by a superstar mixer—that’s Manny Marroquin EQ.

“When I EQ, I’m looking to do something creative rather than just ‘clean up.’ That’s when I go for one of my six go-to EQs: SSL 9080 XL K for its high and low pass filters; Quad 8 or Neve 1073 for the low end; Quad 8 or Motown for lows/low mids; Motown, 1073 and API 550B for mids/high mids; and Avalon 2055 for its silky high end. Waves and I captured the best of each of my favorite EQs – and put them together this easy-to-use plugin.”
Manny Marroquin

  • Created with mix engineer Manny Marroquin (Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo)
  • Distills Manny’s recipe for EQ, developed over years of mixing
  • Combines Manny’s 6 go-to hardware EQs into one plugin
  • Uses curves from Manny’s Neve, API, SSL, Avalon, Motown units
  • Apply to everything—vocals, keys, bass, drums, guitar, buses
  • 4 bands, each with 5 fixed frequencies and boost/cut
  • 28 stellar presets by Manny, Tony Maserati, Yared Nevo, and more
  • Low CPU consumption allows using virtually unlimited instances
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