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Magma Springs

Spring reverb – 7 types, endless style.
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The Magic of Spring. Simply Timeless.


Spring reverb is nostalgic, but timeless. It makes some things sound vintage, and other things sound fresh. Its metallic twang defined eras, and its boingy resonance adds a personal touch on mixes that you need to hear.

Some reverbs melt into the mix. Others boast a distinctive character. Spring reverb does both. Once it’s on you can no longer imagine the part without it. This could explain its cult following since the 1950s.

Magma Springs is a collection of our 7 favorite types of spring reverb – each one a peek into a world of style. Try them on any part, any genre, and imbue your tracks with unparalleled magic.

  • The timeless sound of spring reverb which stylized multiple genres & eras
  • Perfect to achieve classic Indie, Surf, Motown, Dub, Rock & Roll, Country, and many more sounds
  • 7 spring reverb units modeled
  • Driven by the analog Magma tube sound
  • Tactile analog workflow for seamless results
  • Pre-Delay & Feedback controls for wild creative FX options
Watch It in Action

7 Types, Endless Style.

  • 50’s

    Each of the 7 types of Spring gave us the nostalgic feelings of a unique musical era. 50’s takes us back to the birth of Rock & Roll. Tap into the melancholic side of old Memphis Blues records with this type.

    Features: The Most Authentic Analog Sound Yet
  • Twang

    Twang offers that Tele-into-Vox sound that simply can’t be described any other way. This type is also magical for electronic music, especially on analog synths and looping arpeggios.

    Features: A New Standard for Tube Saturation
  • Motor City

    This type has serious size and weight and epitomizes that ‘old-school’ Soul and R&B sound. (Tip: try this on drums for HUGE results.)

    Features: Shape Your Tone with Rich Musical EQ
  • Classic

    Classic gives you that big, warm and versatile spring reverb sound that can make almost any element sit beautifully in the mix. It can sometimes sound like a smooth plate reverb.

    Features: Vitalize Your Tracks with Pure Analog Pump
  • California

    California is about maximum vibe. Its brighter tone makes vocals float gorgeously above the mix. Experiment with the tone controls on more brooding performances.

    Features: Over 450 Presets by Grammy Winners
  • Heavy

    If you were to strum a Les Paul into a blown-out Fender cabinet in a large hangar, that would approximate the sound of Heavy. This Spring delivers a wonderfully thick cloud above any element.

    Features: Vitalize Your Tracks with Pure Analog Pump
  • Dark Space

    Based on a well-loved hardware unit, this spring reverb type is the essential sound of Dub, and will send any production element lightyears away.

    Features: Over 450 Presets by Grammy Winners