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M360 Surround Manager & Mixdown

5.0/5.1 surround calibration & bass management tool
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Calibration and Control for Surround, Subs, and Satellites


To ensure that surround sound projects translate properly to consumer systems, you need flawless satellite and subwoofer monitoring. The M360° Surround Manager and Surround Mixdown plugins are designed specifically to calibrate the ideal placement, balance, and spread for 5.1 studios.

What’s more, ITU-standard mixdown matrices derive Quad, LCR, LCRS, stereo, and mono mixes from surround images. With this essential set of tools, you’ll be ready for any 5.0/5.1 projects.

  • Send speaker angle info to other panners and imagers
  • Convert 5.1 surround image to 10 other formats
  • Performs precise speaker angle calibration
  • LFE adjustment to set the ideal amount of LFE channel gain
  • Width section with 5 width profiles and ratio adjustment
  • Rotation section selects the rotation calculation method
  • Bass split, with low-pass and high-pass 6, 12, 18, 24 dB/octave slopes
  • Channel strip controls include solo, phase, gain, delay, send sub, more