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Linear Phase EQ

EQ your masters and buses without phase issues
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Transparent EQ for Mastering:No Phase Smearing or Coloration


Standard EQs delay some frequencies, which produces phase shifts. This can be a problem when mastering or when mixing multi-miked groups. EQ can exaggerate phase shifts caused by using multiple mics on instruments. And with parallel processing, equalizing one path can change its phase compared to the other.

For scenarios where phase is critical—especially mastering—Waves’ Linear Phase EQ is the answer. It’s transparent, free of smearing, and can handle a wide variety of crucial equalization tasks.

  • 3-band, low-frequency component is optimized for low-band surgery
  • Broadband component covers the audio range from 22 Hz to 18 kHz
  • Exceptionally precise curves for consistent EQ
  • Processes transients with more focus and clarity than standard EQ
  • 9 response curves for the 5 parametric stages
  • ±30 dB of boost/cut per stage outperforms most EQs
  • No learning curve—the familiar interface is like the Renaissance EQ
  • 2 special modes for extreme EQ settings
Watch It in Action
What Top Pros Are Saying
  • Scott Martin Gershin
    “I like to use the Linear Phase EQ to master my recordings before I use them in the editing process. It allows me to clean up the sound surgically without adding any color—just to get rid of those frequencies that I know I won’t need later. “
    Scott Martin Gershin
    Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer
    American Beauty, Nightcrawler, Maya & the Three, Pacific Rim
  • Dwight Okahara
    “In a video game, I often deal with multiple sounds firing off at once. With the Linear Phase EQ I can get rid of a lot of competing frequencies that might otherwise muddy my mix. “
    Dwight Okahara
    Sound Designer, Senior Audio Lead at Insomaniac Games
    Command & Conquer, Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive, Spiderman (PS4)

Equalize with a Clean Sweep

  • Choose Your Transparency

    The Broadband version includes a special lowband stage and 5 parametric EQ stages, while the Lowband component’s 3 parametric stages cover 11 Hz to 602 Hz, with the precision of 11 Hz resolution.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Choose Your EQ Shape

    Sculpt your ideal response with low shelf, low pass, high shelf, and high pass shapes for every stage—each with a choice of “analog” or “digital” slope characteristics. The ninth shape is a variable-width bell.

  • Shape the Low Frequencies with Precision

    The Lowband component’s design, and Q factor, extract the accurate fullness of bass frequencies down to 11 Hz. 3 low-frequency parametric stages have 5 filter types—low cut, low shelf, bell, high shelf, and high cut.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Mastery for Mastering

    Linear-phase EQ’s accuracy and uncolored character have made it a favorite for critical mastering applications. Choose a 12 dB display range to see settings in more detail, or 30 dB for a broad overview of all possible settings.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”