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Lil Tube

Instant analog tube saturation
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Make Every Track Sound BIG


In the days of analog consoles, running each track in the production through channels on the desk crafted a kind of ‘rough mix,’ with a roundness and depth that made the song instantly feel like a record: fat, present, textured, and BIG.

Lil Tube delivers this experience in your DAW. Pull it up as the first insert on every channel, and you’ll hear that rich, buttery texture and sense of 3D balance on the mix. Then, push the drive knob on the part you want to bring ‘closer’ to the listener—for example the lead vocal. You’ll feel its striking intimacy right away.

  • Rich analog tube saturation to make every track sound warm and big
  • From the Waves Magma series: Analog like never before
  • Great for making vocals sound rich and intimate
  • Simple and lite for use on every track in the mix
  • Sensitivity lets you control how the signal hits the tubes
  • Create a tube console in your DAW
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