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L360 Surround Limiter

Brickwall peak limiting maximizes surround sound
Image for L360 Surround Limiter

Deliver Maximum Impact in 5.1/5.0 Surround Mixes


Waves’ L-series maximizers have given engineers and producers the ability to dial in as much, or as little, musical and sonic impact as they want. The L360 Surround Limiter re-imagines Waves’ maximizing process to deliver impact to surround productions—with clarity and transparency.

The combination of multichannel brickwall limiting, dithering, and noise shaping—with flexible channel linking and grouping—can now enhance the video world with Waves’ audio expertise.

  • Optimized for 5.0 and 5.1 surround sound projects
  • Lookahead anticipates peaks to preserve the impact of transients
  • Auto-release control tracks dynamics smoothly and accurately
  • Linked processing maintains correct cross-channel balance
  • 48-bit double-precision processing maximizes resolution
  • Streamlined workflow: two global controls set impact and output