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L3 Ultramaximizer

Multiband technology with a streamlined interface
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The Fastest Multiband Maximizing Experience


The L3 Ultramaximizer uses the same advanced five-band processing engine as the acclaimed L3 Multimaximizer, but distills its operation down to a streamlined, intuitive interface. There’s no better way to deliver high-quality, effective, transparent maximization when deadlines loom.

With linear-phase crossovers that prevent phase “smearing” or distortion, you’ll experience a pristine high end, defined bass, and a level of sonic quality that brings out the best in any master.

  • 9 “plug and play” profiles optimize maximization for different material
  • User interface with 3 parameters simplifies getting great results
  • 2 dithering options, 3 noise shaping types, 5 bit resolutions
  • Increased Digital Resolution (IDR) section for digital release prep
  • Adjustable Release parameter for uncommon use cases
  • Metering shows the amount of gain reduction being applied
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