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L2 Ultramaximizer

Classic look-ahead brickwall peak limiter and level maximizer
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Maximize Levels with Immaculate Impact


With its legendary combination of look-ahead brickwall peak limiting, level maximization, and ultra-high resolution, the L2 has become a mainstay in mastering and mixing chains in studios everywhere. And for delivering mastered audio, the advanced output dithering algorithms and noise shaping make it easier than ever to convert audio to lower bit depths.

Engineered for mastering, with a stereo-only format, the L2’s ease of use, sonic clarity, optimized release times, effective peak limiting, and streamlined user interface are in a class by themselves.

  • Stereo-only format optimized for bus applications
  • Look-ahead gives overshoot-free response and fast attack
  • 48-bit, double-precision math for superior noise-shaping accuracy
  • Fast workflow, with simplified control set and dithering options
  • ARC (Auto-Release Control) responds sensitively to dynamics
  • Choose between Manual and ARC™ Automatic Release Control
  • Low latency for live sound and for tracking
  • IDR™ Increased Digital Resolution with double precision bit re-quantization and dithering
Watch It in Action

Achieve Maximum Mastering LevelsWith Clarity, Accuracy, and Transparency

  • Effortless Workflow

    Optimization for bus applications simplifies the control set to Threshold, Output Ceiling, Release, and dither settings. Control the peaks with Ceiling, and raise the output level with Threshold. Simple—and it gets the job done.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • The Secret of Shaping

    The L2’s superior noise shaping comes from 48-bit, double-precision, ninth-order noise-shaping algorithms. Choose Moderate, Normal, or Ultra to suit program material from delicate acoustic sounds to hard rock.

  • High-Resolution Ready

    With more studios using 32-bit and higher file resolutions, conversion to standard 24-bit files is now as important as 16-bit conversion was to CDs. For older digital formats, the L2 also converts to 20- and 22-bit files.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation