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L1 Ultramaximizer

Mono/stereo limiter with refined resolution control
Image for L1 Ultramaximizer

Maximize Mastering Levels withthe Classic Look-Ahead Peak Limiter


Waves’ first-ever limiter, L1 quickly became a favorite among audio engineers, whether to control peaks, change the dynamics and character of musical instruments, or make louder masters that explode out of the speakers.

Transparent and punchy, L1 offers true peak limiting that eliminates inter-sample clipping. It maximizes both the level of the digital signal and the resolution of the final file. It offers superb re-quantization for all bit depths. Its look-ahead peak limiter enables you to increase sound file resolution and production master levels with precise control and dithering options.

L1’s limiter section is capable of a very fast, overshoot-free response. Because a typical music signal contains many high-intensity, short-duration peaks, simple normalization of the file may result in a low average signal level. L1 can significantly increase the average signal level of an audio file without introducing audible side effects.

  • True Peak limiting accommodates streaming services’ needs
  • Fast, overshoot-free response to minimize distortion
  • Look-ahead for instantaneous attack time
  • Auto-release optimizes response to changes in dynamics
  • IDR dithering for increased digital resolution
  • Multiple dithering and noise-shaping options
  • Low-latency processing for live sound mixing
  • Single-band limiting for traditional dynamics effect
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