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JJP Strings & Keys

Multi-effects optimized for strings, string samples, pads and keyboards
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Mix Reality into Synths and String Samples


Created with multiple Grammy®-winning producer/engineer Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer, U2, Lady Gaga, the Rolling Stones), JJP Strings & Keys brings out the zing of a bow, the pluck of a harp, and gives an almost physical presence to synth samples and pads—yet does this without overpowering the instruments’ inherent character.

As JJP says, “I want strings and keyboards to be radiant and beautiful—so when the song comes out of the speaker, it’s on another level.” Mission accomplished.

  • Designed by Grammy winner Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer, U2)
  • Layers up to 4 parallel effects, optimized for strings and keys
  • Core effects of compression, low EQ, and high EQ
  • Modes for Synth, Hi Strings, Lo Strings, and Piano
  • Warm up thin, sampled sounds by adding girth
  • Make the concert hall come to you with Space and Doubler
  • Enhance definition and detail with the Presence effects layer
  • Balance dry and effects layers for a realistic, blended sound
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