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IR-L Convolution Reverb

Streamlined convolution reverb with impulse library
Image for IR-L Convolution Reverb

Add Thousands of World-Class Acoustic Spaces to Your Studio


For hyper-realistic acoustic spaces, nothing beats convolution reverb—it’s like the difference between a photograph of a concert hall, and a painting of a concert hall. However, unlike traditional reverbs, convolution reverbs can have a daunting collection of parameters and options.

IR-L cuts through the complexity. Featuring the acclaimed sound quality of Waves’ IR1 audio engine, you can bring over 2,000+ acoustic spaces into your studio—from stairwells to cathedrals.

  • 4.8 GB library includes a carefully curated collection of impulses
  • Easy editing, with standard reverb parameters
  • Trim beginning and end of the reverb impulse
  • Beautifully recorded impulses with first-class, field-recording gear
  • Import WAV and third-party impulse files
  • Variable pre-delay from 0 up to 500 milliseconds
  • Choice of two different levels of CPU usage
  • With mono, mono-to-stereo, full stereo, or efficient stereo modes