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GTR3 Tuner

Precision tuning reference for stringed instruments
Image for GTR3 Tuner

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Tune—And More


GTR Tuner understands the specific tuning needs of stringed instrument players. Unlike tuners that tune only chromatically, or are limited to open strings, GTR tuner offers multiple modes from a drop-down menu: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, 15 alternate tunings, and a user-defined preset.

The clear, large, unambiguous readout makes it easy to see tuning accuracy. Indicators show whether the current pitch is sharp, flat, exactly on pitch, or within ±10 cents of being in tune.

  • Variable reference frequency, from A = 425 to A = 455
  • Tuning modes for guitar, bass, and chromatic
  • 9 open tunings, 2 drop tunings, DADGAD, and 1 semitone flat
  • 1 user-defined tuning you can save as a recallable pres