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GTR3 ToolRack

Studio or live performance host for GTR3 modules
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All Together Now: A Package for Your Plugins


GTR3’s modular collection of amps and effects is ideal for the studio, but for live performance, it’s convenient to be able to bring all of these into a single, unified host—and that’s what GTR ToolRack is all about. Create your perfect guitar setup, make your tweaks, then save it as a preset.

For real-time control with expression pedals, GTR ToolRack is MIDI-friendly. For setlists, it offers an extensive preset management system—copy, paste, drag, drop, delete, rename, and more.

  • GTR host (standalone or studio) is ideal for live performance
  • GTR tuner offers a large, readable display, and alternate tunings
  • Input and output metering for correct gain-staging
  • Separate window for preset selection
  • Multipoint touch display sensitivity—edit with your touch
  • Lock presets to avoid accidental parameter changes
  • Get started with 101 presets in various styles
  • Route amps in series or parallel, mono or stereo