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GTR3 Stomps

Stompbox guitar effects complement amp sims
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Graduate to High-End Stompbox Effects

These 25 high-end guitar effects are descended from Waves’ acclaimed studio plugin algorithms. Not only do they model iconic guitar and bass effects (which are suitable for all kinds of audio), but they deliver ease of use and a level of sound quality that raises the bar for pedalboard effects.

Arrange the effects as you like, in virtual pedalboards of 2, 4, or 6 effects, mono or stereo. Are you into expression pedals? Then use MIDI Learn—even assign one controller to multiple parameters.

  • 5 distortion effects, from overdrive to fuzz, buzz, and metal
  • Classic modulation effects, like chorus, flanger, phaser, doubler
  • Pitch benders for guitar and bass, and Octaver for deep sub-octave
  • Choose amp-type spring reverb, or studio-quality digital reverb
  • Compressor, gate, tone, EQ, and other basic effects
  • Conventional delay, and “ambience” delay with pitch shift
  • Comprehensive automation options for DAWs
  • Factory presets for 2, 4, and 6 stomp pedalboards
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