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GTR3 Amps

Versatile amp sims, cabinets, and mics for guitar and bass
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Take Your Pick of These High-Performance Amps

From guitar to bass, clean to high-gain, GTR Amps provides an assortment of tones for any musical style. All amps have been modeled with exceptional detail from some of the world’s most popular and iconic amps, as well as one-of-a-kind favorites from Paul Reed Smith and Neil Citron.

Mix and match amps, cabinets, and miking options to create a custom sound that fits your musical personality. Create stereo or mono setups, for studio or stage—that’s GTR Amps.

  • 5 clean, 5 overdrive, 14 high-gain, and 6 Neil Citron custom amps
  • 7 bass amps, from solid-state clean to nasty growl, and 6 bass cabinets
  • Stack two amps, with series or parallel routing
  • Pan stereo and mono-to-stereo setups in the stereo field
  • Tone stack with bass, mid, treble, and presence controls
  • Bypass amp or cab when using with a physical cab or amp
  • With stereo, flip either amp’s phase, and delay amps separately
  • Over 200 factory presets feature a wide variety of genres