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Amps, cabs, miking, and stompbox effects emulation
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True-to-Life Tone, Vast Versatility

Amp sims are all about tone and feel—which is why GTR3 is the go-to amp sim for so many guitarists and bass players. GTR3 doesn’t just model everyone’s favorite vintage amps, but also has cutting-edge, modern amps—including custom models from Paul Reed Smith and Neil Citron.

25 pedal effects, based on Waves’ high-end studio processors, fill out your virtual pedalboard. Meticulously modeled with dazzling detail, GTR3 embodies Waves’ tradition of sonic excellence.

  • Choose among 30 guitar and 7 bass amps
  • Mic 16 guitar cabs and 6 bass cabs virtually, with 12 miking options
  • Stack 2 amps in series or parallel, in-phase or out-of-phase
  • 25 stompboxes, derived from Waves’ high-end studio algorithms
  • ToolRack module optimized for standalone use in live performance
  • Tap tempo, tempo sync, and many more extras
Watch It in Action

The Solution for Studio or Stage

  • It All Starts with the Amps

    GTR3’s guitar amp collection explores the range from pristine clarity, to warm overdrive, to scorching high-gain. And the 7 bass amps handle all the bases—from solid-state clean, to deep R&B, to the growl of hard rock.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Studio Savvy

    GTR3 emulates the flexibility of working in the studio. Choose from 12 virtual miking options for 16 guitar cabinets and 6 bass cabinets, and stack cabs in series or parallel—even bypass a virtual cab to feed a physical cabinet.

  • 25 Effective Effects

    All the “pedalboard’s greatest hits” are here: distortion, compressor, chorus, delay, reverb, wah, octave divider, pitch bender, and more. Of course, there’s MIDI Learn for real-time control—and multipoint touch sensitivity.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Go Way Beyond the Conventional

    For incredible parallel processing, GTR3 is 100% compatible with Waves’ free StudioRack host. Insert different effects on different splits, or split by frequency for the articulated sound of multiband distortion—and bust some limits.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”