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Greg Wells VoiceCentric

Vocal mixing made easy by Adele, Dua Lipa producer
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The Vocal Chains of Adele, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift Producer/Mixer—On Your Vocals


Greg Wells has worked with the world’s finest vocalists: Adele, Ariana Grande, John Legend, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams, to name a few. Now, you can access his techniques with a few simple controls—and instantly improve your vocals.

“I’m always asked how I make a vocal recording sound like a polished hit vocal mix. This is where VoiceCentric takes you. I’ve put all my studio experience into chains that react how and when I want them to—and captured that in one main control.”

“There’s a lot going on behind the main Intensity knob: certain elements kick in only once you reach 60% or even 80%. This means you get many different flavors just by playing with that one knob. This is my take on a world-class mixed vocal sound—I hope you like it!”—Greg Wells

  • Give any vocal track a polished mixed sound—instantly
  • Created with Grammy®-winning producer/mixer Greg Wells
  • Intensity knob combines complex EQ and compression chains
  • Added Delay, Reverb, and Doubler effects
  • Ideal for both lead and backing vocals in all genres
  • Enhance videos and podcasts with superior voice quality
  • Control gain staging easily with simple input/output gain control and metering
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