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Greg Wells MixCentric

Mix bus finalizer: EQ, compression, saturation combined in one knob
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Finalize Your Mixes with One-Knob Magic


Grammy®-winner Greg Wells’ sound can be heard on billions of streams by today’s biggest artists: Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Keith Urban, Adele, Katy Perry… the list goes on.

Now you can benefit from Greg’s expertise with a plugin that packs his entire mix bus chain into a single knob. Give your mixes that ‘finished’ sound—instantly: With a powerful chain under the hood—EQ to provide a gentle lift in the upper mids, a bit of extra low end, compression, and subtle harmonic distortion—you’ll hear an improvement within seconds of turning the knob.

“I’ve put much thought and experimentation into this plugin. It will turn your track into an expertly EQed and compressed mix, very quickly. There is an enormous amount going on behind the simple knob, including many different settings that come in and out and change as you move the knob position. It’s a real time saver, too—I wish I had this plugin 20 years ago!”—Greg Wells

  • Give your mix bus a finished pro sound—instantly
  • Glues your mix together and adds final brightness and sheen
  • Combines EQ, compression and harmonic distortion in one knob
  • Ideal for full mixes, or on groups such as drum buses
  • Pair with your limiter of choice to create an effective mastering chain
  • Created with Grammy®-winning producer/mixer Greg Wells
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