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GEQ Graphic Equalizer

Two filter designs, 30 bands, parametric EQ, RTA, and more
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30-Band Graphic Equalizer, Loaded with Extras


GEQ has what you want from a graphic equalizer—30 precise ISO bands, with stereo/mono link. What you don’t expect is a choice of classic or modern filter topologies, a dual-input real-time analyzer, high and lowpass filters, and a floating parametric stage with bell response.

Whether adding global EQ to match a venue’s acoustics (and taking advantage of zero-latency operation for live sound), or creating versatile tone-shaping in the studio, GEQ delivers.

  • Modern EQ topology eliminates band interaction artifacts
  • Classic EQ uses proportional Q filters that narrow width with gain
  • 30 bands of precision graphic equalization
  • Floating parametric stage with bell response
  • Dual input real-time analyzer can be calibrated
  • ±18 dB gain handles tough graphic EQ tasks
  • Touchscreen-friendly interface for drawing EQ curves
  • Zero latency for mixing in the studio and live
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30 Bands of Precision EQ— And More

  • Two Top-Notch Topologies: Classic and Modern

    Classic mode retains analog graphic EQ filter topology, while Modern mode uses “flat-top” filters that eliminate artifacts caused by band interactions. This allows perfect “plateau” and stair-shaped responses.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Precision Surgical Control

    GEQ has 30 bands of precision graphic EQ—it also includes variable-frequency high and lowpass filters, and a floating, fully parametric bell EQ with frequency, gain, and Q parameters.

  • Zero Latency for Both Studio and Live

    Zero-latency operation is ideal for live sound and global EQ for venues—but don’t forget the studio, where GEQ can shape tone, separate a mono signal into different frequency bands for stereo imaging, and create novel responses.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation