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Time delay, frequency-shift, and filtering effects
Image for Enigma

A Dream Machine for Scintillating Sound Design


Enigma combines comb filtering, modulation, filtered feedback, a reverb-like processor, and time delay to weave enigmatic sonic webs around anything—voice, synth, white noise, found sounds, guitars, you name it. And, automating the interactive controls creates ever-evolving textures.

The range of effects is dizzying: novel flanging, ever-rising “barber-pole” effects, resonant reverbs, bell and wind chime sounds, alien voices, dub echoes… there is absolutely nothing like Enigma.

  • Novel notch filtering, with filtered echo/reflection feedback
  • Disruptive, unconventional effects for sound design
  • Multi-waveform modulation with play/stop control and host sync
  • Transform conventional instrument sounds into new identities
  • Ideal for adding “ear candy” to any type of production
  • 34 presets showcase Enigma’s flexibility