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eMo Generator

Analyze, synthesize, test, set up, ring out, and mix
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Find Out What Your System Is Really Doing


A test tone generator may not be glamorous… but it sure is useful. When used with a spectrum analyzer (like those in the F6, GEQ, and H-EQ), pink noise reveals filter curves, differences among EQ designs, and distortion components. Or, gate sine waves or noise to supplement drum sounds.

Mix in pink noise to emulate listening to mixes while driving. Use sine waves to find room resonances, ring out PA systems, check your hearing, and more—don’t miss out on this useful tool.

  • Use with a spectrum analyzer to analyze filter curves
  • Gate sine wave with sidechained kick for “hum drum” kick sounds
  • Supplement acoustic snares with gated pink noise
  • Analyze distortion components using sine waves
  • Emulate the effect of listening to mixes while driving in a car
  • Check mono and stereo phase integrity
  • Included with the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer
Watch It in Action