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eMo F2 Filter

High/lowpass utility filter for stage or studio
Image for eMo F2 Filter

The Simple Solution to Common Audio Problems


So many issues need only a simple high or lowpass filter—prevent bass buildup, reduce hiss, keep low frequencies out of reverb, fix acoustics issues, reduce amp sim harshness, minimize mic p-pops, and more. So why dig through multiple parametric EQ stages to find what you need?

eMo F2 Filter’s touch-friendly interface, full LV1 compatibility, zero latency, and low CPU consumption make it a natural for fixing live performance problems—quickly and simply.

  • 2-band high-pass/low-pass filter, with 18-dB-per-octave rolloff for each filter
  • Use as a separate plugin or as part of the eMotion LV1 live mixer’s channel strip
  • Zero latency with ultra-low CPU consumption
  • Mono, dual mono, or linked stereo operation
  • Filter right and left sides independently, or link them
  • Turn controls, drag the graphic display’s curve, or enter values
  • Multi-touch compatibility
  • Optimized for live sound mixing
Watch It in Action