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eMo D5 Dynamics

Multiple dynamics processor, for stage or studio
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1 Plugin, 5 Dynamics Processors, Endless Solutions


Whether for live mixing or for studio work on music, voiceovers, or narration, eMo D5 incorporates 5 essential dynamics processing solutions: Compressor, Gate/Expander, Leveler, Limiter, and DeEsser. The fast response, and clean, transparent sound, make eMo D5 a superstar on stage or in the studio.

This plugin is all about effective, seamless solutions—and dialing up those solutions fast, thanks to the single-window, touchscreen-friendly interface that places every parameter at your fingertips.

  • Five dynamics tools in a single plugin: Gate, Leveler, DeEsser, Compressor, Limiter
  • Use as a separate plugin or as part of the eMotion LV1 live mixer’s channel strip
  • Zero latency with ultra-low CPU consumption
  • Compressor and Expander/Gate include sidechain input and filters
  • Parallel compression can return punch to compressed sounds
  • Exclusive dynamics detection process cuts pumping, breathing
  • Fast-attack limiter keeps peaks and overloads under control
  • Ultra-effective de-esser, with 3 filter types and pre/post routings
  • Informative displays change for the selected processor
  • 27 expertly crafted presets for multiple applications
  • Multi-touch compatibility
  • Optimized for live sound mixing
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