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Abbey Road EMI TG12345 Channel

Abbey Road’s classic solid-state console that served the Beatles and Pink Floyd
Image for Abbey Road EMI TG12345 Channel

The Console that Bridged60s Power with 70s Clarity


The Beatles created Abbey Road, their last-recorded album, using the TG12345 channel strip—but the TG12345 itself was just at the beginning of an illustrious recording career. Its hyped, solid-state analog sound was clean, bright, and punchy, with exceptional top-end sparkle and aggressive compression.

In close collaboration with Abbey Road, we’ve modeled the pivotal generational changeover from tube to solid-state—with a channel strip that retains 60s power, while adding 70s clarity.

  • Modeled on the actual desk used on the Beatles’ Abbey Road album
  • Sidechain filter excels for bass and frequency-selective compression
  • 3 EQ stages, with variable dynamics>EQ>presence routing
  • The polished character is outstanding for modern rock and EDM tracks
  • Includes TG12345’s famous compressor/limiter
  • Hyped clarity and punch are exemplary for loops and beats
Watch It in Action

Shape Your Dynamics and EQwith Clean Presence and Sheen

  • Add Presence for a Commanding Sound

    Compared to previous Abbey Road consoles, the TG12345 added a separate Presence stage, from 0.5 to 10 kHz. This supplemented the bass and treble EQ, with flexible routing for EQ, dynamics, and presence. Dialing in just a bit of presence will let your tracks cut through the mix.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Spread Some Magic

    The spread control adds magic to the stereo imaging, thanks to a mid-side matrix process. It increases the sides without touching the mids, but has a more subtle effect than many of today’s digital-based stereo imaging plug-ins—resulting in a very natural, cohesive spread that doesn’t sound “separated.” Try it on synth patches to add lush width.

  • Liquid-Like Feedback Compression

    Unlike compressors that only bring down peaks, the TG12345’s feedback compression can upward-compress low-level signals. Bring up room tone, vocal nuances, acoustic guitar subtleties, and even out synthesizer peaks.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Added: Parallel Compression, Sidechaining, and More

    Features not in the original console propel the TG12345 into the present: highpass sidechain filter, mix control for parallel compression, drive to emphasize inherent harmonic distortion, and variable noise.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”

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