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Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel

Multi-effect plugin with two classic rock vocal attitudes
Image for Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel

Easy Vocal Clarity and Character for Rock Mixes


Eddie Kramer’s engineering has brought out the best in rock’s quintessential vocalists, from Mick Jagger in the Rolling Stones to Robert Plant in Led Zeppelin. Now, you have direct access to his vocal mixing sound, in one easy-to-use plugin.

Choose Vocals 1 when mixing intense, aggressive, raw vocals, or Vocals 2 for smoother, steadier vocals. For the final touch, quickly tweak Eddie’s classic colors of punchy dynamics, bass, treble, reverb & delay—done.

  • Choose from two distinct chains for mixing raw or gentler vocals
  • Help lead vocals sit comfortably in rock mixes
  • Designed with studio legend Eddie Kramer (Zeppelin, Stones)
  • Enhance vocals with bass, treble, and compression
  • Quickly add delay and reverb with rich ambiance
  • Sensitivity control and indicator for perfect gain-staging

“When mixing, there’s always a fight between the vocal and the rest of the track. What makes a good mix is when all the elements combine seamlessly. When we designed the Vocal Channel plugin, we made sure you can position the vocals within the mix, and then blend it back into the track—without it popping out, and in such a way that it retains all its original clarity and presence.”—Eddie Kramer