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Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel

Electric guitar multi-FX from the legendary producer for Hendrix and Zeppelin
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Lead & Rhythm Guitar Tones from the Man Who Produced Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page


Eddie Kramer produced and engineered the revered guitar tones of Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Keith Richards and The Rolling Stones, Kiss, Johnny Winter and many more.

Now you can instantly access 3 of his favorite rock guitar settings—two for rhythm, one for lead. Under the hood, the plugin is packed with Kramer’s expertise; all you need to do is select one of the three starting points, then slightly tweak the desired amounts of compression, treble & midrange, as well as delay, reverb and flange – and dial in that classic guitar sound fast.

  • 2 superb rhythm guitar settings help guitars pop in the mix
  • Full, defined, organic lead tone that isn’t crushed by fuzz
  • Spice up parts with delay, reverb, and Kramer’s signature flanging
  • Treble and midrange controls for tailoring tone
  • Choose your aggression, from lots of compression to none
  • Go from scratch tracks to final mix—quickly and easily

“I want a lead guitar to become a living, breathing organism that sounds exciting in a mix. The five elements in this chain, working together, make it come alive. For rhythm guitar, I try to get it in your face, without over-processing with EQ. By adjusting the amount of compression, and not overdoing the amount of space, I make sure that the guitar stays up front, where it belongs. This approach is what you get in this plugin”—Eddie Kramer