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Eddie Kramer Bass Channel

Bass multi-effect for the sounds of classic rock
Image for Eddie Kramer Bass Channel

Thick, Fat Bass Tones from the Legendary Producer for Hendrix and Zeppelin


When working with guitar-heavy bands like Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, it took Eddie Kramer’s legendary engineering skills to make sure the bass fit like a glove. Eddie Kramer Bass Channel captures his bass production expertise.

Eddie’s goal was crystal-clear: fat bass tones with presence that pop on radio mixes, without being overbearing—and with a choice of a more aggressive, or more dynamic, character. His bass plugin deliver those tones in your mixes.

  • Bass 1: Dynamic, with a less compressed sound that breathes
  • Bass 2: Increases compression for an aggressive, big sound
  • Sensitivity LED for perfect gain-staging and response
  • Bass and treble controls shape the overall tone
  • Compression dials in in the right amount of dynamics intensity
  • Simple, fast, foolproof setup to speed up your workflow