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4-voice doubler/imager with modulation and detuning
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Vocal Doubling that Dazzles


Thicken voices, spread mono instruments, suffuse space in mixes, beautify background vocals, augment acoustic guitar parts, do stunning sound design—then go even further.

The secret to Doubler’s sound is that it can reinforce doubling with another layer of doubling. With 4 voices, up to 100 ms of delay, and modulation, Doubler is a classic vocal doubling solution.

  • 4 independent delays, each with the same flexible set of controls
  • Create delays for each voice—up to 100 ms, with feedback
  • Pitch modulation for each voice, with depth and rate
  • Pan voices in the stereo field for creative imaging
  • Detune ±100 cents, with one-octave-down switch
  • Drag-and-drop gain and pan in the graphic display
  • Output filtering, with high- and low-frequency shelf responses
  • Over 50 stellar artist and factory presets
Watch It in Action

Supersize Your Vocals

  • Bigger, Wider, Fuller

    Doubling can make sounds bigger, wider, fuller, and more compelling. Although doubling is overwhelmingly popular for vocals and a variety of instruments, it can also add space and enhanced imaging to buses and masters.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Double Up on Effects

    Use straight delays for smooth, spacey doubling. Add modulation and pitch shifting for additional animation. Or crank up the feedback, pitch shifting, filtering, and panning, for insane sound design and special effects

  • It’s the Little Things that Count

    Doubler is loaded with helpful touches. The output shelving filters can boost up to +12 dB, or cut down to -24 dB. Reset all modulation with automation. Filter the feedback path. Build “bell tree” effects. It’s all there.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation