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Doppler effects for film, sound design, and music
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Create the Frequency/Pitch Shift Effect of Sounds Traveling Past You


Speeding cars, airplane fly-bys, railroad trains moving past you—the Doppler effect is an essential sound design tool to create the impact of space and motion. Now, the Doppler plugin provides the aural cues that recreate a realistic environment, and place your sounds within a realistic space.

But as Doppler users have found out, this isn’t just about sound design. Add motion to mixes—percussion, hi-hats, guitars, synths, background vocals, and more—that no other effect can create.

  • Create fly-bys and movement for FX, with pitch shifts and reverb
  • Control track curve, center time, pitch, start and end points
  • Intuitive display shows clearly how the sound moves in space
  • Bypass pitch-shifting to retain tempo with rhythmic instruments
  • Reverb tail generator emulates reflections from surroundings
  • Trigger one-shot or continuous sweeps, manually or by threshold
  • Air Damp emulates high-frequency loss as sound moves away
  • 20 presets for common sound design movements
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