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Easily remove breath sounds from vocals and narration
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The Plugin that Takes Your Breath Away


Vocalists and narrators insist on breathing—even when it spoils a perfectly great take! Editing each individual breathing/inhale sound with fades or filters is extremely time-consuming.

DeBreath saves you time by separating breaths from vocals or spoken words, so you can control exactly how much breathing you want on your vocal track, and how you want it processed. Match the inhales to DeBreaths’s breath profiles—then optimize the automatic settings to remove inhales completely, or leave in as much as you want.

  • Unique breath removal for vocal recordings, voiceover, podcasts
  • Individual breath and energy thresholds for identifying inhales
  • Optimize settings easily, with dual displays for breath and voice paths
  • Fill in silence from removed breaths, by enabling Room Tone
  • Choose inhale reduction amount with the reduction slider
  • Crossfade breath and voice path fadein/fadeout, from 0.1 to 200 ms
  • Easily monitor voice-only or breath-only
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