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COSMOS Sample Finder

AI-powered sample finder + 2500 royalty-free samples
Image for COSMOS Sample Finder

Always Find the Right Samples for Your Tracks


Quick—what sound is the sample with filename asdf_#12C.wav? You may not know, but COSMOS does. COSMOS uses an AI neural networks engine to analyze all the samples on your hard drive, and then categorizes and auto-tags the instrument, timbre, style, key, BPM, and sonic characteristics (loop or one-shot, dry or wet, and much more) in its database.

Need to find a saturated kick? Just type “saturated” and “kick” in COSMOS, and all your saturated kicks will show up, no matter what the files are actually named. Need to find a bright reverby drum loop in 120 BPM? Or a saturated synth sample in F#-minor with a cinematic feel? Just choose the appropriate tags, and COSMOS will deliver the samples you’re after, instantly.

  • Uses AI to sort and auto-tag all the samples on your hard drive
  • Over 2500 royalty-free samples included
  • Sorts by instrument, key, BPM, and more sonic characteristics
  • 3 views: waveform, list, and COSMOS “cluster” view
  • Saves you time by finding the samples you want
  • Re-discover samples you forgot you had
  • Assign oft-used samples to a favorites list, or create collections
  • Compatible with all WAV, AIF, OGG and FLAC files
  • Use as a standalone app, or open from the Waves CR8 sampler
  • Powered by Waves Neural Networks technology
Watch It in Action

A Search and Rescue Mission for Samples

  • Multiple Search Options

    Search by Instrument, Tags, Key, and/or BPM. Or, enter a search term. Start a broad search like “keys,” then narrow it down to the keyboard type, and finally, choose from multiple sonic characteristics.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • View by Waveform or List

    When you need to see a waveform with a short description, choose Waveform view. Or, choose List for more details about a given sample. In either case, just click to audition, and then drag a sample into your sampler.

  • Explore the COSMOS

    The COSMOS view creates “clusters” of related one-shots like kick, snare, plucked notes, and so on. Prioritize views of different characters, then click on dots in the clusters to audition—and find—the right sample in seconds.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Seamless Integration with the Waves CR8 Sampler

    COSMOS works with any sampler, but integrates especially seamlessly with the Waves CR8 Creative Sampler. COSMOS opens conveniently from within the sampler. Found a sample you like? Double-click and it will load instantly in a CR8 sample slot.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”

COSMOS is a local application; it does not report any data back to Waves.