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Clarity Vx

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Clarity Vx now includes these new features:

  • Apple Silicon native compatibility: Including M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, M2
  • Broad ECO: A brand-new Neural Network for dialogue only, dramatically improving CPU performance
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Also available: Clarity Vx Pro with an additional Neural Network and multiple advanced controls for noise reduction, post production, ambience keeping and voice restoration.

Revolutionary AI Noise Removal for Vocals

Clarity Vx is the highest-quality and the fastest way to clean your vocals from background noise and prepare them for any mix, production, podcast or video.

Got perfect vocal takes or voice recordings ruined by hiss, hum, or even super-harsh noises? Clarity Vx will save the recording and remove the noise at the absolute highest fidelity, in no time.

Powered by the same Waves Neural Networks® engine as the larger Clarity Vx Pro, Clarity Vx is optimized with a simple interface to guarantee the best of both worlds with zero learning curve: impeccably clean vocals – no artifacts, no damage to the performance – AND results in seconds.

In the past, cleaning noisy vocal recordings at the highest fidelity required serious engineering know-how, as well as the luxury of time. The solutions were not optimized for musicians on a budget, home producers on a schedule, and content creators who are not professional sound engineers.

We’ve changed all of that with Clarity Vx.

Whatever noise you’re dealing with – from light AC or computer fan noise, to heavy traffic outside your bedroom studio window, or anything in between – we have you covered with Clarity Vx. Simply turn the single knob clockwise – and hear the noise go away with the voice quality fully preserved.

Clarity Vx works on all types of voices in real-time and is fully automatable.

An Intelligent Approach

Waves Neural Networks® technology is a pioneering AI approach to noise reduction and voice enhancement.

Previously, plugins that deliver noise reduction at a comparable quality needed to ‘learn’ the profile of every noise segment, making the process long and cumbersome. The results would be sample-specific, too: You would need to go through the same lengthy process every time.

Thanks to Waves Neural Networks, Clarity Vx already understands what’s voice and what’s noise, and doesn’t require any learning time. Its engine is a universe fed with hundreds of thousands of audio files of vocal recordings, and trained – through the combination of machine learning and meticulous human evaluation – to recognize the difference between voice and ambience.

Clarity Vx includes three “catch-all” Neural Networks that address any problematic scenario. Each performs differently based on the input material – we recommend toggling to see which is more suitable for your source:

  • Broad 1 is better at preserving both the main and secondary voices, when more than one voice is present in the recording.
  • Broad 2 is recommended for severe noises. It is also better at separating the main voice from secondary background voices, when more than one voice is present in the recording.
  • NEW: Broad ECO is a low-CPU neural network for dialogue only. It is recommended for heavy sessions where many instances of Clarity Vx are needed. It allows you to run 2-3x more instances of Clarity, as well as faster offline bounces and renders.
  • Extremely high-fidelity noise reduction for vocals
  • Lightning-fast results – clean vocals with one knob
  • Simple to use, no learning curve
  • Includes ‘Broad ECO’ – a low-CPU neural network for dialogue only with 2-3x the performance efficiency
  • Save hours every session with real-time workflow & automation
  • Perfect solution for musicians, producers, mix engineers, content creators
  • Powered by groundbreaking Waves Neural Networks® technology
  • Mono/Stereo width control